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John Hightower, Attorney at Law is in your corner for criminal defense.  You need a strong criminal trial attorney to help you navigate the complex ins and outs of the legal system. Let Attorney Hightower help you out of troubled waters.

OUI Assistance

Maybe you had one beer too many, but when you saw the flashing red and blue lights, you did everything you were supposed to do. Now, you find out that you can't drive.  How are you supposed to get to work or go to the store without a car? John Hightower can help resolve the situation and answer the questions you may have about the process when you are charged with an OUI:

• Was the stop legal?
• Was there a marked lane violation that did not happen?
• Did the officer have cause to search your person?
• Was the field sobriety test properly administered?
• Did the officer invoke implied consent properly?
• Was the breath test properly administered?

Commonwealth v. Daniel Rodriguez,
Successfully represented alien facing mandatory sentences and deportation in drug trafficking case.
Not guilty on all counts

The Time to Act Is Now

The most important thing is to act fast; if you wait too long to get legal help, your OUI will get pushed through the system, and your license will be revoked or suspensed.  Don't let one bad night drastically change your life as you know it. Call John Hightower to help you appraise your situation. An experienced OUI attorney can do a lot for you by:

• Suppressing Evidence
• Suppressing Testimonies
• Ensuring Your Rights Are Protected
• Saving Your Driver's License
• Reducing or Avoiding a Sentence and Fines

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