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About My Practice

One of the most important aspects of law is criminal defense. If you have been wrongfully accused, then you may have options you are not aware of. Defending you in Court often requires the use of creative arguments, investigation, motion practice, and, most importantly, advocating your case to a jury to communicate your actual innocence. 

Attorney Hightower has experience in fighting for clients in areas such as mortgage fraud, armed carrer criminal, sex offenses, assualt and battery, OUI, drug distribution and assualt with intent to murder. 

A number of cases in these areas are tried to verdict by Attorney Hightower yearly. 

When you have an important concern involving civil litigation, visit John J. Hightower, Attorney at Law.  As an accomplished civil litigator and advocate, attorney Hightower will use his talents to convey your story to the Court in a persausive fashion. 

Attorney Hightower maintains a diverse civil litigation practice and trial practice in the areas of discrimination, wrongful conviction, medical malpractice and other torts, zoning, mold and construction, real estate, and business disputes.

A number of cases in these areas are tried to verdict or are decided by motion by Attorney Hightower yearly.

Learn more about my practice to see exactly who it is you are going to hire and what Attorney Hightower has accomplished in the past. Attorney Hightower is here to put you at ease and to let you know you do have somewhere to turn for legal assistance.

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About John J. Hightower, Attorney at Law

John Hightower is a criminal defense and civil litigator in Randolph, Massachusetts.  I focus in civil and criminal litigation.  I have an extensive amount of experience in these areas of the law and am able to handle various types of complex litigation.  

The Law Can Be in Your Corner

In today's world of rising liability, strict sentencing guidelines, and confusing contracts that only seem to benefit big businesses, it is more important than ever for you to have a legal voice. Put yourself and your business in a position to succeed. Often, it is a case of different expectations between an organization and its members that leads to lawsuits. Your employees or managers could use a brush-up on how to avoid lawsuits, as it may save you a lot of time, grief, and money in the long run.