Civil Litigation 

John J. Hightower, Attorney at Law is based out of Randolph, Massachusetts and practices in the Greater Boston area and in various States depending on client needs.  Attorney Hightower's experience in civil litigation includes various areas such as 42 U.S.C 1983, breach of contract, commercial disputes, mold and toxic tort litigation, discrimination, medical malpractice, and zoning appeals.  Attorney Hightower proudly practices alone and brings a unique skill-set to bear to civil litigation.  Attorney Hightower has years of experience working for a large national, A-List law firm also based in Boston.   Attorney Hightower will advocate your case from assessing the initial facts, serving the Complaint, conducting party and third-party discovery, taking and defending depositions, working with experts, moving for summary judgment and trial.  When you decide to use Attorney Hightower, you are gauranteed to speak and deal with Attorney Hightower personally on your case which is important to you and your interests. 






Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is more than just hammering out disagreements between individuals. Has your business or livelihood come under attack? I have the answers and skill to resolve your problems. Complex business issues often have legal solutions. I can help with cases involving:

• 93A
• Mold
• Fraud
• Discrimination
• Contract Disputes
• Zoning & Land

• Corporate Disputes
• Wrongful Conviction
• Medical Malpractice & Other Torts

McCrae v. Kaczowka
Superior Court
Successfully opposed summary judgment in toxic mold, 93A, fraud, and breach of contract case.  Case settled before trial.


Santana v. Commonwealth
Superior Court
Obtained summary judgment against Commonealth of Mass. concerning novel issues of law under M.G.L. c. 258D.  The Appeals Court affimed the summary judgment ruling in October 2015. 

The Santana case is the first wrongful conviction case where a Massachusetts appellate Court held that an invallid constructive possession conviction can form the basis of a valid wrongful conviction suit.

Hightower v. City of Boston
Boston, Federal District Court

Assisted in landmark Second Amendment case regarding right to bear arms in Massachusetts.
Dumeus v. Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Superior Court
Succesfully opposed summary judgment in employment discrimination case.
Williams v. City of Brockton
Boston, Federal District Court
Represent former City of Brockton police officer in 42 USC 1983 case of equal protection, freedom of speech and retaliation. 
Delaney v. Town of Abington
Boston, Federal District Court

Represent Town of Abington police officer in 42 USC 1983 and Massachusetts Whistleblower Statute case concerning illegal ticket quota.  

Austin v. Visiting Nurse Association of Boston
Suffolk Superior Court-2015
Successfully represented Estate in wrongful death case.

Lindsay v. Dr. Joel Harrison
Norfolk Superior Court-2015
Successfully represented plaintiff in medical malpractice case concerning wisdom tooth extraction and nerve damage.

Skill on Your Side

Whether you are in criminal trouble, civil trouble, or both, you need a skilled lawyer who will act in your best interests. The preparation skills and trial poise at lawyer gains from working at a national law firm never leaves him. Attorney Hightower will work your case with the same diligence and eye for detail as he does with all of his cases, large or small.  

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